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Here, you will find anything about Disney World. Also you can find my favorite attractions, parks, dining areas etc. Also, a tip guide on how to do Disney right. Planning a vacation may become overwhelming for first timers, or Disney World Virgins, but I will help you make your trip, less over whelming and you can spend time enjoying yourself and relaxing.

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Breif History

Walt Disney looked at his creation, of Disneyland in CA. and was not satisfied. Well he knew how to fix that. Privately, he bought a ton of land and planned of making Walt Disney World, secretly, even without Floridians knowing. Unfortunatly, he wasn't alive long enough to see his dreams realized, but that didn't stop the creation of Disney World. There are about 5 Disney resorts world wide, with Disney World being the number one vacation spot in the world. 
        Disney World first opened it's gates in 1971, there was one theme park, the Magic Kingdom. What's unique about the magic kingdom, is that it's about 20 feet above sea level. There are hidden tunnels beneath the grounds of the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. These tunnels help cast members get around quickly, and easily, without disturbing the magic of Disney World. It also is where the computers for the Animatronics are. It's the source of the magic.
        Over the years, three theme parks were born, EPCOT (1982) Disney's Hollywood Studios (1996, formerly known as Disney's MGM Studios) and The Animal Kingdom (1999). Also, two water parks were added.
       Disney World has over 23 Hotels and Spas and over 10,000 cast members!
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(Jul 13, 09) Carl said:
Noch 12 Tage bis zum Fanta 4 Konzert DDD
Sommerferien sin aba besser ;-)

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