On this page, you can find ride/attraction updates, and park updates.


Ride/Park Updates

Aug. 23rd, 2009> MAGIC KINGDOM> SPACE MOUNTAIN: Since April, Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom was closed for refurbishemts. The refurb will include side by side seating, a new track but the same layout, music, and more light effects. There will be more but the Disney Company is keeping it quiet, until the opening date, Nov. 21st, 2009 (May Change!)

Aug-23rd, 2009> DISNEYS HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS>ROCKE N ROLLER COASTER: Since 2008 rumors have been flying around that when the contract ends with Aerosmith for the Rock n' Roller Coaster, that they would change the theme to "Hannah Montana" or the "Jonas Brothers" (RUMORED!)

Aug 23rd, 2009>NEW PARK?!> More rumors have been flying about a new Disney park to be added onto Walt Disney World. It would be named "The Knight Kingdom" and it would be open at night only, and would be a more of an adult themed park. (RUMORED)

Aug 28th, 2009>Magic Kingdom>TOMORROWLAND>TTA> The Tomorrowland Transit Authority Opening was delayed to around September 12th. The ride features new lighting, here is a video.
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October 22nd, 2009- Sorry for lack of updates, but here they are!
MAGIC KINGDOM> Space Mountain Planned to reopen late 2009, I'm not sure if it will or will not reopen in November. The people had reopened on September 11th, one day before the planned (delayed) opening. The TTA includes new LED Lighting, and a new sound track.

Also in Tomorrowland, the Skyway station was demolished and work is still going on to rebuild it.
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The wait is over, the newly refurbished Space Mountain had soft openings yesterday. The queue consists of games to play while you wait on line, the space windows are still in place and still look amazing as they did. The track has been replaced, same layout and same cars. The loading station is now enclosed and was given a sleek new look. There are now on-ride photos that you can pick up at the exit. Not too many changes were made to the ride itself, the strobe tunnel has new audio sound effects, and the mirror that was at the end of the tunnel was replaced with a screen that gives the effect that the strobe tunnel is endless. It is now darker which is a plus. The original banner that was on "Dream Flight" (closed down) is now in place where the monitors were where you would see the video of you going back into tomorrowland, and it reads "We hope you enjoyed your flight".