Planning Guide and Tips!

Planning your first trip to Disney World may be a little over whelming, theres so much to do and so little time. Just don't bend over backwards trying to do everything! For your first trip go to a value resort, those are the cheaper resorts like the All Star Movies Resort or the Pop Century Resort. If you book your vacation online the meal plan is free so it may be easier to book online, and I will post the Official Disney World Website below. Also note, that on your birthday you get in the park for free! So it's deffinatly a good idea to go on a birthday! Back too booking your vacation, take it slowly, don't rush. Look through the offers that Disney has too offer. The Website is very detailed and you can even call if you have trouble booking your trip. Remember not to try to squeeze everything in for the week or few days you're staying, it simply cannot be done. After booking your vacation and you arrive at the park, sit your family down, and figure out what you want to do. If you do stay for 2 days or more you will have the park hopper pass, so you can change parks throughout the day durring your stay, just remember to plan out what you want to do, or even before you go to Disney World plan out the PARKS you want to go too first. When you get to the parks plan out the ATTRACTIONS you want to go on. It's very simple. 

Also when planning your vacation, make sure you get the "Magical Express" its a FREE bus service that takes you from the airport to your hotel!

Sometimes staying in the  park from the morning to night can be very exhausting and over whelming and you and if you have kids, they too will be cranky. So what to do? If you arrive at the park when it opens than Around 12 or 1 in the afternoon, go back to your hotel and relax, take a nap, eat lunch, hang out in the hotel for about 2 hours, or 3 hours, than go back out to the parks for more rides and attractions.

It's also a good idea to use the "Fast Pass" It's a simple machine to use. You insert your park ticket into the fast pass machine near the ride you want to go on, and on the pass it gives you a certain time to go back to the ride, basically what it is, it's a shorter line and you just immediatly get on the ride at the time given, provided you come back at that time.

There will be more tips and guides being posted shortly.
Got your own tips? Want me to post them? Gladly I will! Email me at your tips or guides  you want me to post. I will make a new page on the site for all feedback I recieve.

Official Disney Park Wesbite:

Layout of days before and days in the park.
The Day Before:
Make sure to get a good rest, double check to make sure you have all your clothes packed, magazines for the plane ride and what not.
Plan out the Parks you want to go to for the week, like Magic Kingdom one day, Epcot the other, or you can do two parks in one day.
How you should divide up the day:
Get up early, so you can shower, get some breakfast, and than head over to the park around 10 am or so. When you get into the park, lets say you get to the Magic Kingdom first day, go to the one attraction you all want to go on, and get the fast pass, and go on some other rides. Than at the given time on the pass, go back to that ride and just skip through everyone on the stand-by line. You can always do fast pass, for any ride. If you want to go on Splash Mountain, and Space Mountain, and the ride for Splash Mountain is longer, get the fast pass for Splash Mountain and go straight to Space Mountain. You pretty much get the idea. For more information go to the official Disney World Website. For you first vacation, plan on the phone so you can ask questions and what not.